About Us

Our History

The RX Club of Wisconsin got its
start on a Saturday afternoon in 2000,
in the driveway of a current and long
time member. That initial
meeting of 5 RX-7 owners has grown
over the years to upwards
of 30+ members. In 2004 Mazda brought back the element common to our passion - the rotary engine - with the introduction of the RX-8 so that helped us to grow even more & reach a new generation! 

Who We Are Today

We are a group of auto enthusiasts who take pride in owning Mazda's signature rotary engine powered cars. Most of our members own one of the three generations of RX-7's or one of the two generations of RX-8's. While Mazda was the largest producer of the rotary engine, there are and were others out there so we welcome all RE vehicles to our club! 

Are you passionate about your RX-7 or RX-8 and are looking for a fun group to get involved with? Let us know! We'd be excited to have you join our club! We have many events during the driving season & social events throughout the year. 

Membership & Getting Involved

We welcome new members to our rotary family! Regardless of owner interest, which varies from car shows to tech days, to track events and auto-cross, to the joy of driving. The essence of the rotary engine is captured in all our outings and events.  

We are an active and fun-loving club because of our great members! We often do events with other car clubs in the area, including Mazda Community & The Badgerland Miata Club to add to the fun!

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